storage Orlando
  • When you go into your own storage, no moving company can cover you for damages. Use our storage and were responsible for your items the entire time they are in our possession. Insures adjusters know that you or someone else can enter your own storage at any time and cause damage. The only down fall is that we are a high security facility and cannot provide access without 24 hours notice.
  • Storage consists of a warehouse with stacked wood vaults we use to store your items unless items are abnormal in size and need more space.
  • We do a full inventory so you know that you received every item in the same condition we picked it up in upon delivery.
  • The wood vaults are 5' X 7' X 7' and remained sealed. You would be surprised at the quantity a professional loader can fit in these vaults.
  • Vaults are $50 per month
  • Please remember to keep all items out that you may need. Labor charges will be applied if we must pull your vaults, search for a box of files, replace everything that came out of the vaults, re-stack the vaults, and remove the item from your inventory.
  • We need 36 hours notice if you want your items delivered. We pull them and load our trucks the night before so your truck is loaded and ready for delivery move-in day.
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