Realtor Orlando
  • We realize that your our #1 producer of referrals. Let us tell you how we repay you for your help.....
  • 10% discount for all of your clients. We take $300.00 off a $3000.00 moving bill for example and tell them its from you. You would be surprised at the gratitude you receive from your client before we have even started.
  • Your clients will be glad to know that you refer a company that donates time, services, furniture, and household goods DIRECTLY to the poor in our community.
  • Your clients will receive FREE Wardrobe Service.
  • Your clients will receive FREE Delivery Of Packing Materials Immediately.
  • Your clients will receive FREE Basic Electronics Disconnect / Reconnect.
  • Not that all of our movers aren't great at what they do, we only send your clients “TOP MOVERS” with our company. Seasoned professionals. Your a very important part of our business and we don't forget it.
  • No absent owner. The owner of our company is always available to you and your clients.
  • Holidays and your own moves and deliveries are when we REALLY get the chance to show you how much we appreciate you.
"I take part in EVERY job that comes through this company. That is the one thing you will not get from our competitors. I am with you from start to finish. You get me, not an absent owner. I will make sure I do everything to make sure you do not regret doing business with us. That is by far the best guarantee.”  Owner - Curtis D. Hersey
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