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Quote Process
We only allow Professional Seasoned Journeymen Movers to do our quotes. They know what it takes to get the job done. There is not a computer program for estimators that can see all circumstances and tell you what a REAL mover can, or give you a realistic moving price!!! Computers, secretaries, and un-seasoned movers do NOT know what it takes. They will provide you with a “GUESSTIMATE” NOT an “ESTIMATE”!!!!
  • You contact us.
  • We ask if this is a full move or a simple delivery.
  • We ask if your moving local or long distance.
  • We ask you what your moving out of and into.
  • We ask for a brief description of what your moving.
  • We will then decide if we can provide you with an estimate based on an hourly rate for a delivery or small move immediately or if we need to come out an provide you with a “FLAT RATE NOT TO EXCEED” for a full move or pack and move.
  • We accept personal checks, cash, credit cards, all forms of payment.
  • If you need a flat rate, we will schedule a day and time that you would be available for an in-house estimate. It's best to schedule when you and your spouse are available together to get all questions and concerns resolved in person. Evenings and Saturdays are always available.
  • We will arrive at your house at the designated time or a few minutes sooner.
  • We will introduce ourselves and request some brief information on the move.
  • We will proceed with a complete walk through of the home and property.
  • We will make a list of what is going and what is not in case you want to call up to 36 hours before your move and make changes.
  • We will listen to your concerns and note them for your Lead Man and crew.
  • Yes, believe it or not, we make notes on our clients personalities as well so we can match our employees to our clients. We won't send a hyper “gun-ho” group to an elderly couple with heart conditions. We intern will not send our older professionals to a client that needs a fast morning “NOW, NOW, NOW!!!” relocation.
  • We will answer all of your questions, generally before you ask them. Have a pen and pad ready if your a note taker.
  • We will look at any diagrams or blue prints and let you know what will fit and what will not if downsizing.
  • We will recommend fast and efficient packing techniques that will also save you money if your packing yourself.
  • We always provide FREE wardrobe service and basic electronics disconnect and reconnect on our full moves.
  • We will provide information on valuation coverage to protect your furnishings above the norm if requested.
  • We have great solutions for your problems if you have a complex move.
  • We have found it to be more profitable, through your referrals, to actually try to save our customers as much money as possible.
  • Don't hold back and don't be shy. Movers are tough in character and can take whatever blows you can throw. Let us know if you have a strict budget. We most likely have a solution. Throw your concerns at us, we appreciate any criticism we can learn from, and there are NEVER any dumb questions. This is our field of work, not yours. Just like your field of expertise, we most likely wouldn't have a clue. Please be open and honest. We can relieve your moving stress. We can make this one less thing to worry about.
  • We will provide you with a “FLAT RATE NOT TO EXCEED” which is a legal binding agreement that there will be NO surprises later. Please see our page on “Deceptive Practices”.
  • We request a signature and a 10% deposit to reserve. The 10% deposit guarantees us that when we put your men, equipment, and materials together for you on your reserved day, that you are home and ready. We are a busy company and have to keep schedules which keeps you as well as the rest of our clients happy.
  • Unless we here from you, the next call you will get will be from your “Lead Man” letting you know he is pulling out of the parking lot, possibly stopping quickly for cold Gatorade and snacks, and on his way at the designated time. Generally 8-9 AM. We don't like to upset other residents or neighbors with earlier times. We will provide you with an earlier time if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Final Note: It is OK if you are not in town or available at all for your full move estimate. Call us when you have 30 minutes if your home is out of state and you need a phone walk through. If you are out of town and your house is in the Orlando area we will meet with your Realtor, house watch, neighbor, relative, etc. Please make sure your available on the phone at that time for any questions. We will email your full quote immediately under these circumstances.
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