Pool table mover Orlando

Pool Table Moving
  • Moving a pool table will require a near-complete dis-assembly of the table and a healthy amount of muscle power to move the pieces that do not come apart.
  • While you may want to take on the huge task of moving a pool table with a couple of buddies, you should seriously consider hiring professionals. Our company has excellent movers who have moved every large piece of furniture from massive bedroom sets to, yes, complicated pool tables. They have the necessary expertise to take it apart, carefully catalog and pack each important part, and assemble it in your new home with impressive efficiency.
  • A pool table is one of the hardest things you can move. It’s heavy, bulky, wide, and surprisingly delicate. The “do it yourself” approach can be dangerous to you and to the pool table. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to treat it like a dresser or sofa by calling friends to assist, and then twisting it every which way to fit through the door. Unfortunately, these actions often result in injury to you or your friends, and you can warp the surface or break a component.
  • We do set up your table in any location you request but we do not level or replace and stretch felt. Please call your local pool table retailer to provide you with this service. You will be purchasing a new felt from them, so now is a good time to pick a new color as well.