Piano mover Orlando

We put a concert grand an the 2nd floor of a 40 foot yacht though a series of gates, around a community pool, through a labyrinth of twist and turns on a dock, stood it up on end, removed the door frame on the boats 2nd floor entry, and hoisted it up by hand over the ocean and up onto the boat. 4 Professionals below and 3 on top. Not a scratch or a dent. Turns out the owner told us every moving company he called laughed and refused. A few came out and said it was impossible. We had it set up on his boat in 1 hour. The good thing for us was that he OWNED a well known classical radio station as well. Worked out quite well for us. Referrals are what we live on. A challenge is what we live for.
  • We move all types of pianos: Uprights, Spinet, Grand, Baby Grand, Concert Grand, Electric, Player, Mini Grand Electric, Organs. If it has keys, we can move it.
  • We disassemble to lighten the weight on the piano's edge. Some companies do not.
  • We double pad wrap and know where to place our straps so indentations don't occur.
  • We use the appropriate size piano board.
  • We only use certified piano movers on our staff.
  • Most piano's require 3-4 men. The price is based on our normal hourly rates as well. Most charge an obnoxious amount. Our rates are our rates whether a piano or a bedroom set.