new community Orlando
  New Community Construction
  • Help the sale or the leasing of your new units with a generous moving discount through us, your perfered provider. We can obviously afford to give a generous 10% discount, or larger, based on quantity.
  • Some new communities have even offered a moving allowance to all of their potential new residents and needed a moving company that would not take advantage of their generosity by using the entire allowance or over pricing knowing that their client will pay extra on top of their allowance.
  • We move Nationwide.
  • Licensed & Insured
  • We handle everything involving the move with your clients from start to finish.
  • We donate their unwanted gently used furniture and household goods to the poor communities in Orlando. This looks good for your company as well.
  • We recycle.
  • All of your clients receive FREE wardrobe service as well as basic electronics disconnect and re-connect.
  • We have picture / mirror hanging services at the low price of $95 per hour and includes the proper hardware.
  • We discriminate when it comes to moving customers with termites, bedbugs, mold, roaches, etc. so they do not infest our trucks, pads, or most importantly, your facility.
  • There is nothing that we don't move. Chandeliers, GF clocks, pool tables, ceiling fans, safes, etc.
  • We move medical equipment and beds.
  • We protect your floors, railings, elevators, etc.
  • We extend huge discounts to all of those involved in using our company when it comes to moves for you or your immediate family.
  • We show compassion for the other residents that have already moved into your new facility by keeping aware of our surroundings and and giving the right of way in the parking lot, elevators, and hallways, as well as keeping the noise to a minimum.
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