Jacuzzi Moving Orlando

Jacuzzi Moving
  • Moving a hot tub, sometimes called by the brand name Jacuzzi, requires finesse. A typical hot tub weighs up to 800 pounds and cannot be pushed or pulled to the new destination. It also cannot be moved by just one person due to its awkward size and the safety concerns involved with moving large objects.
  • Clear a path from the hot tub's current location to its new location or the moving truck. Make sure there is nothing on the ground to cause someone to trip, fall or drop the hot tub. Ensure all openings are wide and tall enough for the tub to fit through.
  • Shut off the power to the spa at your main circuit breaker box. Then shut off the power at the spa panel on the side of your home. Open the spa panel and disconnect all the plugs. Neatly store the cords in the hot tub enclosure.
  • Disconnect the water source according to manufacturer's specifications. Drain the hot tub according to the manufacturer's instructions. Follow all your local and neighborhood regulations for draining large amounts of water. Where possible, drain the tub directly into your street's storm drains.
  • Close off the drain cap at the bottom of the tub. Dry the inside of the tub with towels. Then cover the hot tub.
  • Connect the electrical wires to the new spa panel. Follow the connection diagram on the inside of the panel and consult the manufacturer's instructions to verify their proper connection. Typically there is one white neutral wire, one green ground wire and two hot wires. One hot wire is black and the other is red.
  • Connect the water source to the tub. Turn the water on and fill the tub as directed by the manufacturer. Turn on the tub to test the electrical connection.