Orlando Hotel
  • We can help you with your office, common area, patio, kitchen, guest room; moving, packing, donation, disposal, or remodel. Please see the business moving and packing sections on our site.
  • When remodeling, we can save you time and money by keeping your items stacked and stored in an on site separate room, garage, or on our trucks at our facility for a short period of time instead of paying for a “DOUBLE” move in and out of storage.
  • Long term storage is available if necessary.
  • We can load rooms or garages, away from the remodel area, as we would a truck.
  • We can store your items on our trucks at our secure facility for up to 5 days at $100.00 per day per truck. This is a lot less expensive than a “DOUBLE” move.
  • 5' X 7' X 7' vaults @ $50.00 a month are used for storing your items. You would be surprised what we can fit in a vault.
  • We are available same day for emergency services , such as water damage.
  • We can help you with mold. We can remove all of your items, take them to our base, have them cleaned and tested, then return them to you mold free.
  • If you are no longer using some pieces of furniture in your newly remodeled area, we donate them directly to the poor people and small businesses in our community once a month.
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