Orlando high-rise
High-rise Buildings
  • We handle everything for our clients from start to finish. Whether it's taking measurements and letting them know what furniture will fit or not from their previous home, scheduling move with management, submitting insurance info., securing and padding elevators, protecting floors in all common areas, or trash removal, we have all bases covered.
  • Extend a BIG 10% discount off our hourly or flat rates, FREE wardrobe service, FREE electronics disconnect & reconnect, for ALL of your residents when you ad us to your new “New Resident” info. packet, your website, your referral list, and/or our cards and brochures displayed in your office and lobby.
  • Same day emergency services, such as water damage.
  • We obey ALL rules and respect building management.
  • We provide crane and hoist service when necessary.
  • We have compassion for other residents and keep a clear path for them in halls, elevators, parking lots, garages, etc.
  • WE DISCRIMINATE!!! We refuse to take anyone's items that are infested with roaches, termites, bed bugs, mold, feces, etc. We do not want them in our pads, on our clothes, in our trucks, and you don't want them in your building!!!
  • Show them you care by taking the move in process a step further. Let them know that you can get them a great deal on a professional moving company. 10% is substantial when your paying for moving and/or packing.
  • NO REPAIRS for you when it comes to walls, doorways, elevators, stairwells, hallways, windows, floors, trim, light fixtures, smoke detectors, curbs, lawns, etc., when your residents use real movers.
  • Everyone deserves the right to have a professional safe move without damage or injury. We hit their budget.
  • No complaints from the neighbors. We are obviously courteous, fast, and efficient. Average move in is 3 hours with complete set up, not all day, or 2 days in some residents cases when they move themselves.
  • No trucks overnight.
  • We donate furniture directly to the less fortunate. We provide your new residents that are downsizing a way to donate unwanted furnishings.
  • Receive the same discounted rates for death, foreclosure, or eviction. Provide an on site dumpster and save on added labor and city dump fees.
  • We firmly believe in “Paying It Forward”. Anyone responsible for referring our company will benefit greatly when they need to be moved or anyone in their immediate family needs to be moved.
  • Discounted office or common area moves for your high-rise.
You will be blessed as well for providing your residents with a company that is professional, shows compassion, and donates time, services, and furnishings directly to the poor and less fortunate in our community.
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