Appliance Moving
  • Don't sell your home with your high end appliances. We can swap them out for you before or on the day of the move with less expensive units you purchased or the ones from your new home.
  • We move all appliances all shapes, weights, and sizes including commercial restaurant equipment.
  • We will disconnect and re-connect your appliances but we are not responsible for leaks or damage due to leaks. We are not plumbers or electricians. We are not licensed to do plumbing or electrical repairs. We are not responsible for replacing worn parts or seals. We do basic connections.
  • We are not carpenters or licensed General Contractors. We can not remove trim, moldings, etc.
  • We blanket wrap everything. Please make sure that your appliance are clean and free from grease and debris.
  • We protect floors when necessary.
  • We will remove your old appliances at the standard one time $120.00 city dump fee plus labor.

  • Why pay extra for an electrician and a lighting company? We are licensed and insured to move your light fixtures and chandeliers of any shape and size.
  • We move chandeliers all shapes, weights, and sizes.
  • We will provide the right size ladder if you do not have one available.
  • We will provide the right tools and equipment.
  • Chandeliers generally require 3 professional movers. Sometimes 4 on an automatic or extremely large piece.
  • We crate chandeliers.
  • We have ways of moving chandeliers without crates. We have been known to lay them down on multiple pads or even hang them safely from a series of spider-webbed straps in the back of our trucks. This all depends on the type and size of your fixture.
  • We store chandeliers.
  • You must provide the plastic wire caps and a plastic cover plate. You cannot leave bare or exposed wires.
  • We do not re-enforce ceilings for installation. We are not licensed General Contractors. We cannot alter framing or foundations in homes. Make sure your ceiling is prepared for chandelier hanging.
  • Make sure if you have an automatic chandelier that it works before we arrive. You may have to call the company, such as Aladdin, to walk you through the wiring and fuse changing process on older units. The unit is located in the attic and consists of a simple winch, no different than you would find on a truck.
  • We have found that humidity can effect the inner workings of your winch key lock. If your key will not turn, try putting a little motor oil on the key, insert, and turn and shake back and forth. This loosens them 99% of the time.
  • Depending on how your electrician wired the unit original, in most cases you will have the light off when lowering. Sometimes they will not lower unless the light is on.
  • Before you waste your money on an electrician, go into the attic, lift the cover, change the 2 fuses on the circuit board. Inspect the cable as well and make sure its running off the top of the spool, not the bottom. Make sure the cable is not loose or tangled at the spool. Call Aladdin, or your manufacture first BEFORE an expensive electrician. They will walk you through and even show you an easy way to hot-wire your unit if necessary.
We offer final basic cleaning services, with our professional equipment and detergents, to make your home, apartment, office, or industrial business ready for the next resident.
2 Seasoned Professionals w/ Truck, Equipment, & Detergents @ $150.00 per hour
(add $30.00 per hour for each additional man needed)

Crane & Hoist Services
  • We have always provided this service but you would be surprised what our seasoned professionals have moved into stairwells, doorways, and elevators where our competitors cannot or give up to easily. A seasoned mover loves a challenge.
  • The average crane service for a piece of furniture usually runs from $500.00 to $800.00 depending on size of the boom needed which depends on how close the crane can get to the drop off or pick up balcony, window, or roof.
  • We have the professionals and equipment to handle extreme circumstances. We have had to lower large items onto boats and docks behind buildings because of limited space.
  • Some items are large in size but light in weight and can be manually hoisted, without the use of a crane.
  • We recommend that all over sized fragile items valued over $5,000.00 be crated. We do not waste our customers money on unnecessary packing or crating. Blanket wrapping, as well as using dish packs and picture/mirror packs, made of heavy duty cardboard, are usually sufficient in most cases. Crating a metal chandelier, with no crystals, would be a waste of your time and money when all we really need to do is remove the bulbs and blanket wrap or box.
  • Our crates are solid wood, not pressed board or particle board. We do not scrimp when it comes to materials.
  • Crates are custom fit to the measurements taken of your items during the quote process.
  • Custom packing materials are selected for your specific item to be used as extra padding within your crate.
  • Grand Father clocks are disassembled and packed into cardboard boxes.
  • We can assist you in measuring over the phone for an immediate quote.
Delivery - Local
  • Please see rates for current pricing.
  • All local deliveries have 1 hour drive time. This covers local deliveries for drive and stalled time in normal traffic. Employee wages, vehicle wear and tear, and fuel consumption were all considered in making this company standard.
  • No fuel surcharge. No maintenance surcharge. No additional tax. No additional weight, size, or shape charge. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!!!
  • Gratuity is not necessary but greatly appreciated.
  • Call guard gate or building manager if you live in a gated community or high rise so we have easy access and you don't occur additional delays.
  • Movers will do ALL that you ask and they are capable of. Your on an hourly rate.
  • Standard dump run for garbage is $120.00 plus labor.
  • We do not offer flat rates for deliveries due to the fact that there are many situations that can cause delays that are out of our control. Examples: Loading docks busy, other movers on site, waiting for store assistance, traffic, weather, construction, etc.
  • We do use advanced GPS systems that constantly re-route us in the fastest direction.
  • You are fully responsible for the size of the furniture we are picking up. Make sure you took your measurements and know that the piece will fit. Keep doorways, elevators, stairwells, and ceilings in mind when measuring.
  • We have resources for you if you need furniture fabricated to fit In most cases we can take over sized furniture, have it shortened by a professional and re-fabricated in the home after we deliver the pieces.
  • We will inspect the furniture for you thoroughly at the pick up and notify you if we find any damage before we remove the piece or pieces.
  • Please clearly provide any and all details needed to perform a fast and efficient delivery. Clear names, gate codes, pick-up contact persons name, clear address and phone numbers are all ways to reduce your time.
Delivery – Long Distance
  • When you ride consolidated with other customers items, headed in the same direction, you save a substantial amount of money. The only down fall is that you have to wait between 7 to 60 days for delivery. We will pick up your items immediately and store them at our facility free of charge until shipment.
  • We regularly ship through the Mid-West and the East. If you draw a line straight down from Minnesota, the majority of our deliveries are East of that line. You may wait longer than 7-60 days for deliveries West of that line. The majority of residents from Florida are from the Mid-West and North Eastern States.
  • Delivery is based partially on location but mainly on cubic feet & weight.
  • Payments are 50/50. 50% at pickup and 50% at delivery.
  • Allot of our clients like to send furniture and boxes to their children and do not want them to be aware of the amount or have them make final payment. We respect your intentions but require payment in full before the delivery is completed.
  • We will keep you informed on status of your out of state delivery.
  • We will provide you with a 3 day window for delivery. We have to do this in order to allow for traffic, construction, and weather delays.
  • We will provide you with your lead movers name and personal cell so you can stay in contact with them as well as the company.
  • We do not expect you to miss work, doctor's appointments, or kid's recitals. We will work around your schedule within your 12 hour period on your day of delivery.
  • We always send full trucks out and are always looking for items to bring back to defer the cost of the trips. Save even more money on pick ups out of state with delivery to Florida.
  • We perform a full inventory at pick up. This way you, or the person receiving the items at the delivery will know exactly what they are supposed to receive and that they are receiving it in the same condition we picked the items up in. You will get a signed copy at pick up.
  • We discriminate when it comes to who we move!!!! We will not move anyone with bedbugs, termites, cockroaches, mold, or urine and feces that can contaminate our wood decks, side walls, and moving blankets in our trucks. Be careful with the larger “Van Lines”. Many do not discriminate who they put you with in their large over the road trucks. Bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and mold will contaminate an entire load.
  • We only use 24'-26' box trucks for out-of-state deliveries. Larger trucks may require an additional amount from you at the destination for a smaller shuttle truck if they are not allowed or cannot make it into your community, down your street, or down your driveway.
  • Common Carrier and shipping companies normally have lower rates than moving companies but they do not load or off load in most cases. Remember, your damage coverage stops after your items leave one movers, or your own hands, and fall into another as well.
  • The larger “Van Lines” have been known for using private contractors and transfer your load from one truck to another. When you have damage at the destination, everyone will point the finger at everyone else involved, it will be unlikely that you get anything resolved.
  • Pack boxes with EXTRA CARE. There is normal road vibration for much longer time than a local move. We only send seasoned professional long distance moving managers with the company out of state.
  • We do our best to keep our drivers home for the Holidays with their families.
  • Our drivers will move extra furniture around for your new furniture at the destination, if needed, for added gratuity. We do not charge you through the company for that additional service unless it takes an excessive amount of additional time.
  • Basic electronics disconnect and reconnect is always free with our company.
  • For those that are “shopaholics”, we do have a special service just for you where we just continue to add items to your free storage vault or vaults, until you are ready for a complete shipment. We will charge you our 2 men and a small truck rates for pickups and give you a final price for delivery of all your items. You can check in with us at any time to get an update on your current delivery costs of what is stored.
Donations To The Poor
Give us your gently used unwanted items. Furniture, household goods, clothing, and food. We take the items to our secured storage facility. We go into the poor communities with our trucks and men once a month. We give everything away for FREE. We give our time, we give our sweat, we give our tears, we give some hugs, we give your donations.
When you donate to facilities that resell, once your donation is sold and pays for that non-profits salaries, utilities, leases, etc., there is not much left to give.
We give directly to the poor. Directly.
Even a fork and a knife are of great value to someone eating with their hands.
These people need chairs, sofas, dish sets, food, and appreciate decorations to bring a little extra light in their lives.
If you would like to join us in delivering to the poor, we will keep you updated on days, times, and locations.
(Offices: We donate to new start-up family businesses in our community)

Emergency Services
We are available 24 hours a day for water & fire damage, mold, bug infestation, crime scene clean up, evictions, etc.
We can save you time and money by keeping your items stacked and stored in an on site separate room, garage, or on our trucks at our facility for a short period of time instead of paying for a “DOUBLE” move in and out of storage.
Long term storage is available if necessary.
We can load rooms or garages, away from the remodel area, as we would a truck.
We can store your items on our trucks at our secure facility for up to 5 days at $100.00 per day per truck. This is a lot less expensive than a “DOUBLE” move.
If we must provide storage, you will receive a full inventory to refer to when we return your items. You will see that everything was returned and in the same condition we took them. 5'X7'X7' vaults @ $50.00 a month are used for storing your items. You would be surprised what we can fit in a vault.
We are available same day for emergency services , such as water damage.
We can help you with mold. We can remove all of your items, take them to our base, have them cleaned and tested, then return them to you mold free.
If you are no longer using some pieces of furniture in your newly remodeled area, we donate them directly to the poor in our community once a month.
We can help you with mold. We can remove all of your items, take them to our base, have them cleaned and tested, then return them to you mold free.

Floor Protection
  • We have been performing deliveries and moves on every type of flooring surface you can imagine. We know the correct application for every situation.
  • Our equipment is cleaned and disinfected.
  • We provide the proper floor protection for stairs, elevators, hallways, rooms when requested or if we feel its necessary.
  • We use the right application whether it be rubber, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, etc.
  • Our equipment wheels and tires are meant for all flooring products.
  • We lift furniture and set it. We do not slide ANYTHING!!!
  • We blanket wrap railing in stairwells as well to protect railings, hand rails, walls, and most importantly your furniture.
Furniture Protection
  • We pad wrap EVERYTHING!!!! If its not in a cardboard box or a crate, we pad wrap it. When you look in the back of our truck loaded with your items, all you will see is a sea of blankets. Even if its grandpas favorite rusty lawn chair and the out door pot with the tree sitting next to him goes, its getting pad wrapped.
  • We use mattress bags.
  • We pad wrap all furniture, lamps, pictures, paintings, caves, pots, glass, etc., etc., etc.
  • We will recommend picture mirror packs and crating only when necessary. We do not waste our customers money on things they do not need.
  • We shrink wrap furniture whenever necessary. Leather does not get shrink wrapped ever. It needs to breathe.
  • Our wardrobe boxes work great for packing tall items like statues, tall vases, and delicate trees.
  • Don't be afraid to use garbage bags for soft items such as stuffed animals, pillows, comforters, etc., when packing yourself. It makes great “top load” when loading your truck. It helps tighten the load as well.
  • If you move into your own storage, we will obviously be taking our blankets with us, it is up to you to provide your own sheets and blankets for protection with division and stacking. If you do not have enough, we suggest Goodwill or Salvation Army for inexpensive extras.
Grandfather Clocks
Our seasoned professionals have a vast knowledge in the disassemble, packing, and reassemble of even the the most advanced antique clocks. Many people do not know that you must never touch the internal parts by hand just for the simple fact that your natural oils will oxidize the brass. Many do not realize that although all of the weights LOOK the same shape, weight, and size, they are not and must be put back in the EXACT order they came out in.
Handyman Services
Don't be afraid to ask. Obviously with all of the variety's of furniture and household items our seasoned professionals have disassembled and reassembled over the years, most are mechanically inclined. We are just limited on what we can do and cannot do by local laws. We do not carry a General Contractors License. Were not licensed electricians or plumbers. We may not be allowed to run wires thorough a wall or install a water softener but we can connect a dishwasher and install a light fixture. Their are many things were capable of and some things were not allowed to do.

Jacuzzi Moving
  • Moving a hot tub, sometimes called by the brand name Jacuzzi, requires finesse. A typical hot tub weighs up to 800 pounds and cannot be pushed or pulled to the new destination. It also cannot be moved by just one person due to its awkward size and the safety concerns involved with moving large objects.
  • Clear a path from the hot tub's current location to its new location or the moving truck. Make sure there is nothing on the ground to cause someone to trip, fall or drop the hot tub. Ensure all openings are wide and tall enough for the tub to fit through.
  • Shut off the power to the spa at your main circuit breaker box. Then shut off the power at the spa panel on the side of your home. Open the spa panel and disconnect all the plugs. Neatly store the cords in the hot tub enclosure.
  • Disconnect the water source according to manufacturer's specifications. Drain the hot tub according to the manufacturer's instructions. Follow all your local and neighborhood regulations for draining large amounts of water. Where possible, drain the tub directly into your street's storm drains.
  • Close off the drain cap at the bottom of the tub. Dry the inside of the tub with towels. Then cover the hot tub.
  • Connect the electrical wires to the new spa panel. Follow the connection diagram on the inside of the panel and consult the manufacturer's instructions to verify their proper connection. Typically there is one white neutral wire, one green ground wire and two hot wires. One hot wire is black and the other is red.
  • Connect the water source to the tub. Turn the water on and fill the tub as directed by the manufacturer. Turn on the tub to test the electrical connection.
  • We put a concert grand an the 2nd floor of a 40 foot yacht though a series of gates, around a community pool, through a labyrinth of twist and turns on a dock, stood it up on end, removed the door frame on the boats 2nd floor entry, and hoisted it up by hand over the ocean and up onto the boat. 4 Professionals below and 3 on top. Not a scratch or a dent. Turns out the owner told us every moving company he called laughed and refused. A few came out and said it was impossible. We had it set up on his boat in 1 hour. The good thing for us was that he OWNED a well known classical radio station as well. Worked out quite well for us. Referrals are what we live on. A challenge is what we live for.
  • We move all types of pianos: Uprights, Spinet, Grand, Baby Grand, Concert Grand, Electric, Player, Mini Grand Electric, Organs. If it has keys, we can move it.
  • We disassemble to lighten the weight on the piano's edge. Some companies do not.
  • We double pad wrap and know where to place our straps so indentations don't occur.
  • We use the appropriate size piano board.
  • We only use certified piano movers on our staff.
  • Most piano's require 3-4 men. The price is based on our normal hourly rates as well. Most charge an obnoxious amount. Our rates are our rates whether a piano or a bedroom set.

Picture, Painting, and Mirror Packing
  • Most pieces that are protected by glass or a plastic front, as well as mirrors, can be blanket wrapped like your furniture.
  • Antique, expensive, priceless, and unprotected pieces are wrapped in a quilted paper pad the covered by 4 heavy duty large cardboard corners that interlock to any shape or size.
  • Crating is always available for extremely high dollar pieces.


Picture, Painting, Mirror, and Wall Art Hanging
  • You wont believe our $95 an hour price to hang your pictures, paintings, and mirrors any time with the proper hanging materials and equipment.
  • You get the professionals we have on staff that hang for all of out art galleries, museums, auction houses, furniture, and consignment stores.
  • Museum quality hanging.
  • Fast and efficient. You would be surprised what our professionals can get hung in an hour.
  • Our professionals are available Monday thru Saturday 9 AM – 11 PM.
  • You point, we level and hang. It's that simple.
  • Crating and packing is always available.
  • We hang all types of wall art.
Pool Table Moving
  • Moving a pool table will require a near-complete dis-assembly of the table and a healthy amount of muscle power to move the pieces that do not come apart.
  • While you may want to take on the huge task of moving a pool table with a couple of buddies, you should seriously consider hiring professionals. Our company has excellent movers who have moved every large piece of furniture from massive bedroom sets to, yes, complicated pool tables. They have the necessary expertise to take it apart, carefully catalog and pack each important part, and assemble it in your new home with impressive efficiency.
  • A pool table is one of the hardest things you can move. It’s heavy, bulky, wide, and surprisingly delicate. The “do it yourself” approach can be dangerous to you and to the pool table. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to treat it like a dresser or sofa by calling friends to assist, and then twisting it every which way to fit through the door. Unfortunately, these actions often result in injury to you or your friends, and you can warp the surface or break a component.
  • We do set up your table in any location you request but we do not level or replace and stretch felt. Please call your local pool table retailer to provide you with this service. You will be purchasing a new felt from them, so now is a good time to pick a new color as well.
  • When you go into your own storage, no moving company can cover you for damages. Use our storage and were responsible for your items the entire time they are in our possession. Insures adjusters know that you or someone else can enter your own storage at any time and cause damage. You have lost all coverage with your own coverage. The only down fall is that we are a high security facility and cannot provide access without 24 hours notice.
  • Storage consists of a warehouse with stacked wood vaults we use to store your items unless items are abnormal in size and need more space.
  • We do a full inventory so you know that you received every item in the same condition we picked it up in upon delivery.
  • The wood vaults are 5X7X7 and remained sealed. You would be surprised at the quantity a professional loader can fit in these crates.
  • Crates are $50 per month
  • Please remember to keep all items out that you may need. Labor charges will be applied if we must pull your vaults, search for a box of files, replace everything that came out of the vaults, re-stack the vaults, and remove the item from your inventor.
  • We need 36 hours notice if you want your items delivered. We pull them and load our trucks the night before so your truck is loaded and ready for delivery move-in day.
  • We can save you time and money by keeping your items stacked and stored in an on site separate room, garage, or on our trucks at our facility for a short period of time instead of paying for a “DOUBLE” move in and out of storage.
  • Long term storage is available if necessary.
  • We can load rooms or garages, away from the remodel area, as we would a truck.
  • We can store your items on our trucks at our secure facility for up to 5 days at $100.00 per day per truck. This is a lot less expensive than a “DOUBLE” move.
  • If we must provide storage, you will receive a full inventory to refer to when we return your items. You will see that everything was returned and in the same condition we took them. 5'X7'X7' vaults @ $50.00 a month are used for storing your items. You would be surprised what we can fit in a vault.
  • We are available same day for emergency services , such as water damage.
  • We can help you with mold. We can remove all of your items, take them to our base, have them cleaned and tested, then return them to you mold free.
  • If you are no longer using some pieces of furniture in your newly remodeled area, we donate them directly to the poor in our community once a month.

Safe Moving
We use dollies with pneumatic tires so they will not damage you floors when moving a safe over 700 pounds.
We protect floors when necessary.
We pick up and deliver from all stores.
We do not charge any more than our normal hourly rate for 3 men. Most companies do.
Don't forget to remind you mover if your safe has an electric cord attached behind it for lights, digital read outs, climate control, etc.
We move safes on stairs.
We move industrial and office safes with and without removable doors.

Storage On Trucks
Why pay for a double move in and out of storage short term. Leave your items on our trucks for up to 5 days!!!
Keeping a moving companies truck down for the day results in a large loss of income when it could be out with a crew performing moves and deliveries. We only charge $150.00 per day per truck that you need to use as storage. This is much less expensive than a full move off the truck, packed into wood vaults, storing vaults, re-pulling vaults, unloading vaults, re-loading truck/s, and then delivering.
We do not have to do a full inventory which is a very time consuming tagging process for items that go into storage. We put your lock or ours on the back of the truck and store it in our secured facility.
You items are covered by us as long as they are in our procession. We never suggest using your own trucks or storage facilities. Any moving companies coverage STOPS after it leaves our procession. It is not our rules it's our insurance carriers conditions.

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