Delivery Orlando
  Local Delivery
  • Please see rates for current pricing.
  • All local deliveries have 1 hour drive time minimum. This covers local deliveries for drive and stalled time in normal traffic. Employee wages, vehicle wear and tear, and fuel consumption were all considered in making this company standard.
  • No fuel surcharge. No maintenance surcharge. No additional tax. No additional weight, size, or shape charge. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!!!
  • Gratuity is not necessary but greatly appreciated.
  • Call guard gate or building manager if you live in a gated community or high rise so we have easy access and you don't occur additional delays.
  • Movers will do ALL that you ask and they are capable of. Your on an hourly rate.
  • Standard city dump run for garbage is $120.00 plus labor.
  • We do not offer flat rates for deliveries due to the fact that there are many situations that can cause delays that are out of our control. Examples: Loading docks busy, other movers on site, waiting for store assistance, traffic, weather, construction, etc.
  • We do use advanced GPS systems that constantly re-route us in the fastest direction.
  • You are fully responsible for the size of the furniture we are picking up. Make sure you took your measurements and know that the piece will fit. Keep doorways, elevators, stairwells, and ceilings in mind when measuring.
  • We have resources for you if you need furniture fabricated to fit In most cases we can take over sized furniture, have it shortened by a professional and re-fabricated in the home after we deliver the pieces.
  • We will inspect the furniture for you thoroughly at the pick up and notify you if we find any damage before we remove the piece or pieces.
  • Please clearly provide any and all details needed to perform a fast and efficient delivery. Clear names, gate codes, pick-up contact persons name, clear address and phone numbers are all ways to reduce your time.
Delivery – Long Distance
  • When you ride consolidated with other customers items, headed in the same direction, you save a substantial amount of money. The only down fall is that you have to wait between 7 to 60 days for delivery. We will pick up your items immediately and store them at our facility free of charge until shipment.
  • We regularly ship through the Mid-West and the East. If you draw a line straight down from Minnesota, the majority of our deliveries are East of that line. You may wait longer than 7-60 days for deliveries West of that line. The majority of residents from Florida are from the Mid-West and North Eastern States.
  • Delivery is based partially on location but mainly on cubic feet & weight.
  • Payments are 50/50. 50% at pickup and 50% at delivery.
  • Allot of our clients like to send furniture and boxes to their children and do not want them to be aware of the amount or have them make final payment. We respect your intentions but require payment in full before the delivery is completed.
  • We will keep you informed on status of your out of state delivery.
  • We will provide you with a 3 day window for delivery. We have to do this in order to allow for traffic, construction, and weather delays.
  • We will provide you with your lead movers name and personal cell so you can stay in contact with them as well as the company.
  • We do not expect you to miss work, doctor's appointments, or kid's recitals. We will work around your schedule within your 12 hour period on your day of delivery.
  • We always send full trucks out and are always looking for items to bring back to defer the cost of the trips. Save even more money on pick ups out of state with delivery to Florida.
  • We perform a full inventory at pick up. This way you, or the person receiving the items at the delivery will know exactly what they are supposed to receive and that they are receiving it in the same condition we picked the items up in. You will get a signed copy at pick up.
  • We discriminate when it comes to who we move!!!! We will not move anyone with bedbugs, termites, cockroaches, mold, or urine and feces that can contaminate our wood decks, side walls, and moving blankets in our trucks. Be careful with the larger “Van Lines”. Many do not discriminate who they put you with in their large over the road trucks. Bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and mold will contaminate an entire load.
  • We only use 24'-26' box trucks for out-of-state deliveries. Larger trucks may require an additional amount from you at the destination for a smaller shuttle truck if they are not allowed or cannot make it into your community, down your street, or down your driveway.
  • Common Carrier and shipping companies normally have lower rates than moving companies but they do not load or off load in most cases. Remember, your damage coverage stops after your items leave one movers, or your own hands, and fall into another as well.
  • The larger “Van Lines” have been known for using private contractors and transfer your load from one truck to another. When you have damage at the destination, everyone will point the finger at everyone else involved, it will be unlikely that you get anything resolved.
  • Pack boxes with EXTRA CARE. There is normal road vibration for much longer time than a local move. We only send seasoned professional long distance moving managers with the company out of state.
  • We do our best to keep our drivers home for the Holidays with their families.
  • Our drivers will move extra furniture around for your new furniture at the destination, if needed, for added gratuity. We do not charge you through the company for that additional service unless it takes an excessive amount of additional time.
  • Basic electronics disconnect and reconnect is always free with our company.
  • For those that are “shopaholics”, we do have a special service just for you where we just continue to add items to your free storage vault or vaults, until you are ready for a complete shipment. We will charge you our 2 men and a small truck rates for pickups and give you a final price for delivery of all your items. You can check in with us at any time to get an update on your current delivery costs of what is stored.
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