Deceptive Moving Practices
When you are really serious about being the BEST in business you become a walking, talking, living, breathing hub radiating positive energy, excellence, and kindness to every person you are fortunate to help and you protect them from the worse.

ATTENTION: The following information is for larger 3 bedroom plus full home or business moves. For small moves, please see our "RATES" for hourly pricing. Unlike our competitors, we do not price gouge and charge any extra for evenings, weekends, or holidays. Unlike our competitors we do not have ANY additional surprise charges on your final bill. 

  • Salesman deal ethically with customers when their company provides excellent service and quality. Salesman have no choice but to give drastic price reductions, that sound to good to be true, and perform deceptive sales techniques when they know they offer an inferior service and are desperate for work.
  • If the truth does not sell our services, than we should not be selling them.
  • In business envy is the enemy of contentment and true prosperity. Envy says “I've always got to have more: more money, more possessions, more power, more prestige, pleasure, and popularity”.
  • Most companies will deceive you by producing a quote for a full move at a much lower guesstimated total than what your move actually is. Your paying them by the hour. Don't be fooled, your bill will not be what was guesstimated over the phone or in your home. Get a “FLAT RATE NOT TO EXCEED” clearly stated by the final figure. You will be surprised how many will refuse. That's why it is best to have a seasoned professional mover produce your estimate for you. We know exactly what it costs to get the job done!!!
  • All to often, the salesperson is in it for the transaction. For the exchange of dollars. And once that transaction has been completed, the salesperson moves on mentally and physically to the next opportunity. And the next, And the next. Is your salesperson with you from start to finish?
  • The CEO, President, or Owner is absent. They hide for obvious reason. A good way to know what kind of company your dealing with is to ask for the owner before your move. See if he answers or returns your call. If he is not there for you from the start, he definitely won't be there for you in the end.
  • Unnecessary packing procedures. The majority of household goods and furnishings can be boxed, blanket wrapped, and/or shrink wrapped. Don't let them sell you unnecessary crating or extreme packing services. A professional mover does not have to put everything in a wood crate to stop damage from occurring. A professional knows how to load a truck properly without damage. We find that it is much more profitable in the long run to save our clients as much money as possible. Word of mouth is your best advertising.
  • Theft, drugs, and alcohol are a raped problem in this industry. Make sure the company you use does thorough background checks and random drug and alcohol testing. We have a zero tolerance policy. We recruit whenever possible. We watch for All-Stars in our industry, recruit them, and pay a premium price for their professionalism and integrity.
  • Remember, a moving company can easily persuade their employees to turn a 5 hour day into a 9 hour day on your dime. Demand a “FLAT RATE NOT TO EXCEED” on all full moves. On deliveries, our professionals are more concerned on saving you money, which results in a better gratuity for them, and gets them to the next possible tipper faster as well. Unprofessional or day-labor movers know they will not get any gratuity so they are more interested in dragging the day out knowing all they will receive is their hourly wage from their employer. Professionals do their best to impress.
  • When it comes to portable storage containers, we don't suggest cooking your furnishings in a tin can out in your yard. Humidity spawns mold. You also loaded it yourself or had a mover load it instead of going into the moving companies truck or warehouse, damage coverage is non-existent. Lifting and loading those containers and transporting them can vibrate and shift the entire load. They must be packed tight!!!!
  • Inexperienced estimators = A lock on the back of the truck at the destination, with a much higher bill than you expected, because the estimator underestimated the job (Another reason why a “FLAT RATE NOT TO EXCEED” is important. Its a legal and binding agreement).
  • Be aware of prices that are to good to be true. We do not cut corners in any facet of our business including who we hire. Be aware of a company that is desperate and will do anything to get your business. Its not going to do you any good when they do not show up the day of your move, they do not show up on time, your jewelry is missing, or 80% of your items are damaged. We get emergency calls back from these clients, on their moving day, to come and take over. You will definitely get what you pay for in this industry, without a doubt. Don't be a victim.
  • Do not be fooled, you have no coverage for customer packed boxes unless there is proof of exterior damage that caused interior damage.
  • Did your moving company inform you that once your items leave their possession that your damage coverage stops? If they load you into your own storage, or load your items onto your own truck, they are not responsible at all for any damage. You may pull your items out of storage 2 years later, or unload your truck out of state, and realize you have excessive damage. Most companies prefer you go into your own storage or are happy when you use your own truck because they do not hire professionals, they are prone to damage, and their leaving you with no recourse. We highly suggest having your items stored with your mover, or on that particular movers truck until delivery, at which time you can inspect everything before your final move is complete.
  • We discriminate when it comes to who we move!!!! We will not move anyone with bedbugs, termites, cockroaches, mold, or urine and feces that can contaminate our wood decks, side walls, and moving blankets in our trucks.
  • Never pay for your move in advance or even with half down. Be aware of “Fly by Night” companies. We only require a 10% deposit on full moves which assures us that when we schedule your men, your truck, and your materials for that day, that you will be home and ready when we arrive without delays.
  • Companies that charge their employees for damage only increase the possibility of the movers not coming forward to the client, nor the company, when damage occurs. They will hide or dispose of your damaged items in most cases. The companies that have this policy have excessive damage claims. They do not hire professional seasoned movers.
  • No one provides FREE products. You are paying for them in one way or another. Someone has to and we can assure you its not the company. We do provide FREE services such as wardrobe service, electronics disconnect/reconnect, and delivery of packing materials. This is a mutual agreement between us and our employees to volunteer. This creates more sales, referrals, and gratuity for us, and most importantly, makes our customers extremely happy. We can reuse our wardrobe boxes, why should you have to pay $30 a piece for your own that you will most likely never use again???
  • We clean and disinfect our pads and equipment.
  • We handle claims immediately. We do not tarry. Companies in this industry are known to prolong claims in hopes the client will get frustrated enough that they walk away.
  • Does you moving company give back to the community???
  • Our professionals are courteous and compassionate.
  • Does your company match crew to customer? We make vital notes, on every estimate, to go a step further and do our best to match our movers with our clients.
  • How does your company treat its employees. We believe that if you treat your employees like “partners”, they will treat your business and clients the same.
  • Does your moving company have a Mission Statement, a Value Statement, and a Commitment Statement???
  • Be careful with the larger “Van Lines”. Many do not discriminate who they put you with in their large over the road trucks. Bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and mold will contaminate an entire load.
  • We only use 24'-26' box trucks for out-of-state deliveries. Larger trucks may require an additional amount from you at the destination for a smaller shuttle truck if they are not allowed or cannot make it into your community, down your street, or down your driveway.
  • Common Carrier and shipping companies normally have lower rates than moving companies but they do not load or off load in most cases.
  • Remember, your damage coverage stops after your items leave one movers, or your own hands, and fall into another as well.
  • The larger “Van Lines” have been known for using private contractors and transfer your load from one truck to another. When you have damage at the destination, everyone will point the finger at everyone else involved, it will be unlikely that you get anything resolved.
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