Orlando professional packing
Commercial Packing
  • Upon deposit for your move, we deliver packing materials IMMEDIATELY so your employees can get started now with the less important and personal items. Giving your employees sufficient amount of time to pack helps them to keep their boxes organized and their belongings damage free because their not just “throwing” things in boxes at the last minute. It also guarantees that you will not have any delays on their end when its time to move.
  • Reminder - Moving companies insurance carriers do not cover C.P.B.'s (Customer Packed Boxes)!!! If we provide a full pack and move, there is nothing left for you to do but wait for pack and move day. Packing is generally completed 1 day before them move. 
  • Upon your estimate, we will know what you will need for packing material. We will buy any back that were not used.
  • We forward the same discounts we get from our distributors for mass quantity (200-1000 boxes).
  • Delivery is FREE.
  • Payment for materials are due upon delivery.
  • We will stage all the packing materials, organized, in a neutral area for all employees to pick from.
  • Vertical file cabinets can stay full. We move them with an appliance dolly as long as there are no stairs involved. Lateral file cabinets do not fit through doors. They also flex from weight in the center. They must be emptied.
  • Fill boxes to the top. Boxes crush when stacked with dead air space inside of them.
  • Make sure boxes are marked on the top and 1 side with new location color, name, or number code.
  • We do not charge for taking pictures off the wall. Leave them, they are the last to go on the back of the truck. When you put them on the ground they have the opportunity to get kicked or fall over. They will be in the way.
  • Leave boxes in the offices they came from. This will make for an easy relocation process. Were your mover, you don't want any injuries, let us lift and move your boxes.
  • Pictures and painting do not need to be packed if they have a protective finish or a glass guard. We blanket wrap them like we do for your furniture. We do not waste our clients money on unnecessary packing like most of our competitors.
  • Do not use newspaper to pack with. We have professional packing paper. The ink in newspaper now is not like the past. It will ruin everything. We have even seen it permanently embed itself in glass. Professional packing paper is also a lot less expensive than bubble wrap.
  • We know that not everything fits in a box and some items stick out of the top. Please do your best to keep the open boxes to a minimum. We obviously cannot stack on open boxes with protruding items.
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