Professional Orlando Movers


About Our Movers
  • Seasoned professionals constantly in training with advancements in furniture, especially contemporary, and new equipment for the industry as well.
  • Excessive screening when it comes to criminal, license, and employment background checks.
  • We test all new employees experience in ouer warehouse first as a way to prove what they have told us about themselves. This also shows us how well they work with their fellow movers, their passion, their punctuality, their integrity, and most importantly, their professionalism.
  • We have regular management meetings that include “Lead Men” to keep us updated on how all of our employees are doing.
  • We have regular meetings with ALL of our employees to answer their questions and resolve their concerns.
  • We have regular safety meetings.
  • We pay for gym memberships to keep our employees physically fit.
  • Our employees know our Mission and Vision Statements.
  • Our employees are proud to wear our shirts.
  • Our employees are the highest paid in the industry.
  • We believe that when you treat employees like partners, they will treat your business the same.
  • Our employees are always “YES MA'AM , NO MA'AM” and “YES SIR, NO SIR”. They appreciate your gratuity.
  • Our employees are FAMILY.
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