moving company owner Orlando, FL

About Us

We concentrate on treating people with compassion and being remarkably helpful in every single way so their success will be inevitable.......

​“ I take part in EVERY job that comes through this company. That is the one thing you will not get from our competitors. I am with you from start to finish. You get me, not an absent owner. I will make sure I do everything to make sure you do not regret doing business with me. That is by far the best guarantee.” - President Curtis D. Hersey

  • We have found a formula to create an unstoppable force by mixing the knowledge from the Bible with the combined years of knowledge we have in this industry which exploded into an untouchable level of service.

  • Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability.

  • We believe in ourselves and what we do.

  • We will always finish what we start and deliver what we promise.

  • We enjoy helping people and meeting their needs.

  • Our business is a vehicle to help other human beings, to engage employees and their potential, and to help our customers achieve their highest aspirations.

  • Our priority is to make a great relationship with people.

  • When you are really serious about being the best in business, as we are, you become a walking, talking, living, breathing hub radiating positive energy, excellence, and kindness to every person you are fortunate to help.
  • “I appreciate being a part of a company that places high value on services to the common good. I believe that your personal integrity is the most important asset you bring to the workplace. I have personally been asked by previous employers to look the other way and pretend that nothing happened when things go wrong, fight for the company and NOT for the client in cases of damage or theft, ignore employee citizenship laws, perform illegal practices, change financial statements, spy on competitors, overlook shady products and service, and even act as an owner who is in hiding. I have always had a commitment to God and myself to do what is right no matter cost or consequence. I have seen what the dangers are of cutting corners in this industry and making even small ethical compromises. We are called to be the best we can be given our background, experiences, opportunities, and abilities. Even though there is PLENTY to go around for everyone when it comes to business and sales, and there is enough to make everyone happy, some want it ALL and resort to deceptive practices through their greed. We provide a great service to our community, but we also provide awareness. Thank you for your business and God bless you and your family”.

   Owner – Curtis D. Hersey.