Orlando Moving Billing
  • We accept all major credit and debit cards, cash, cashiers checks, and money orders.
  • We do require a 10% deposit on all full moves and a $50 deposit on all deliveries. This insures us that when we schedule you that there will not be any delays or last minute cancellations. We are a very busy company and need to replace cancellations or delays with other awaiting customers. If your packing yourself, this also includes that you will be packed and ready. We always have professional packers available to assist you at an hourly rate if needed before your move.
  • Final payment minus your deposit is due upon completion.
  • If you have multiple services listed on your estimate, you only pay as each service is completed. The deposit stands until ALL services have been rendered. Your deposit will come off your final bill.
  • All out of state moves require a 10% deposit, 50% at pick up, and the final 50% minus the deposit at the destination.
  • Your credit card information is secure. As soon as we enter your information, for deposit or payment, the information disappears immediately. We do not keep the information on file for your security unless requested to do so.  
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